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  • Bolt Logistics is a registered, licensed company and a sole regulatory agency. We are committed in providing world class services tailored with absolute customer satisfactory as our determined goal. Our traditional products, properties and services are managed by competence hands with an efficient and effective modern technological practice. Our emergence to the traditional commodity business especially has set a high standard for both multipurpose and indigenous competitors to follow suite. This and any many other qualities make Bolt Logistics the most preferred choice globally. Although we are a local company, ours system of operating is purely multinational minded. With a team of competent personnel in all our departments, our approach to work is passionate and highly professional.

    Bolt Logistics is committed to bring economic liberation to the challenges facing the precious mineral market and export aross the world. Currently, our outfit can boast of the best laboratory for assaying/smelting. With our ultramodern facility in managing the export of gold, accuracy, speed and competence is always our hallmark.

    Bolt Logistics also owns about 3,682 hectors of registered land across Africa ready for real estate developments. Our team of experienced surveyors are constantly ready to assist potential investors to make decisions and more significantly offer them the best of locations for their business. Because we are very conscious in the area of security, customers who entrust us with their assets being it gold, parcel of land or any other essential commodity for safe keeping, selling, buying or courier can do that without any form of doubt or panic.


  • Advance and boost the confidence in assets acquisitions between Africa and other continents across the globe.
  • Establish a much convenient and more secured environment for both traditional commodities and service delivery.
  • Be the gate way of transparency and excellence delivery in connecting Africa to the world of hard commodity transactions.

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